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+ Dani Harper

Solo performer at New Directions Performance Camp. 17 years old, openly gay.

This is real
this is me
Keeping You Warm
Santana: lightly scratched her nails against Dani's back when she felt the hand on her ass. It felt good, having soft hands against her body. The warmth radiating between them was too remarkable for her to ignore. Her eyes locked with Dani's for a moment before falling to her lips. She knew what she wanted, she had waited days and weeks for this. She wasn't going to wait anymore. With her other hand, she tugged at the hoodie a little, pressing her lips against Dani's. She felt sparks in that kiss, her body tingling when she pulled back just a fraction.
Dani: looked into Santana's eyes. She could get lost in them. With Santana's lips on hers, Dani melted into the kiss. She felt a lot from that simple kiss. When Santana started pulling back, she shook her head slightly. "No, don't pull away." she whispered, tangling a hand in her hair. She pulled her in for a deep kiss, moving their lips together slowly. Dani wanted this, it made everything feel right.
Keeping You Warm
Santana: folded her jeans and set them at the foot of the bed. She unclasped her bra and set it on top of her jeans before sliding under the blankets next to Dani. When she felt her legs touch Dani's, it was pure electricity and she couldn't help the wave of butterflies filling her stomach. The kiss against her neck made her giggle and she snaked her arm around Dani's waist, purposely going underneath the hoodie. "I like you." She whispered back, brushing her nose against her friend's softly and giving her a warm smile.
Dani: felt Santana's hand up under the hoodie and she bit her lip. She put an arm around her too, and rested her hand gently on the girl's ass. "I like you too." she said, giggling softly. She kissed her on the cheek, and and smiled at her. Laying there with her felt nice. She honestly didn't know how to feel with what they were doing. Every touch to her bare skin made her want Santana to feel more. She wanted to feel more of her.
have you ever been in love?

Not really.

what's your ideal future? like career and relationship wise

I’d love to be married, start a family one day. And I want to be a singer, I’ve always wanted that.

how's songwriting going for you? is camp the inspiration you thought it would be?

When I can actually focus, there’s tons of inspiration here.

fmk: santana, brittany, quinn

I don’t want anything to do with anyone but Santana. So the other two can be K, but the F and M are Santana I guess.

she's just great? care to elaborate?

how do you feel about santana?

She’s great.

favorite position in bed?

I don’t have one, I’m open to whatever.



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